Who are we?


Objectives, Visions and Plans

HAN4L is a student team at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen. As a team, we aim to develop the personal, professional and engineering skills of our students. We do this with one and the same goal in our mind, to participate in the 4L Trophy Rally and contribute to a good cause.

HAN4L is part of the HAN but at the same time an independent non-profit organization. As a student project, run by 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students, we are supported by the knowledge of teachers and experts of our university.

Our 3 goals:

  1. Student development
  2. Contribute to society
  3. Adventure



The project was founded by former team managers Nathan Gaté and Sam Voncken, and first carried out in 2019/2020. At that time HAN4L was the only Dutch team participating in the 4L trophy.

Unfortunately, the 2020/2021 event had been cancelled due to COVID-19 regulations. Yet in that period the project did not stand still, the extra time was used to improve and expand the project and the team. During 2021/2022, the project has started stronger than ever and made great progress. Well prepared, HAN4L took its place in the 2022 event with two Renault 4s instead of one, being able to bring more than twice the humanitarian supplies. 

This improvement was also visible in the following 2 editions. After the success of participating in consecutive years, in 2024 the team has made a bold change in its strategy.

Now the team is working looking forward to the next edition of the 4L Trophy in February 2025, researching and developing new features on the cars that will be the main characters.