Vehicle Electronics

THe ins and outs of vehicle electronics


If you clicked on this page, chances are that it is out of curiousity. Either you know a thing or two about old cars and you are wondering how, with so few electronics, an entire page is devoted to this. Another option is that you don’t know that much about old cars and their electronics, so you are here to find out what it entails.

Either way, vehicle electronics and knowledge about it are ESSENTIAL to our team. Our Renault F4 (the van) has been fitted with a fuel injection system for a while now, and such a system needs a lot of wires, expensive electronics and coding to function properly. What’s more is that an electric waterpump has been installed on that same car by our team’s members.

There also the idea to install a turbo charger and a fuel injection system on the R4 GTL, which means that the team will have to use their engineering skills on even more electronics than before!