The Han4L Project


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The Han4L Project


Ammi- ZORG focuses on deploying high-quality personnel in the healthcare sector. They employ a variety of employees, including group leaders, counselors, ambulatory workers, safe home workers, youth care workers, nurses and carers. All employees have one thing in common: they are always of added value for their clients.

Ammi-zorg has supported the project since day one, and this year they sponsored the entree fee for both the cars for the rally.


Han university of applied sciences

HAN is one of the 5 largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. With campuses in Arnhem and Nijmegen, it offers practice-based education on bachelor’s and master’s degrees to more than 35,000 students. HAN’s centres of expertise provide tailored research to companies and institutions.

The Automotive faculty of our university provided us with the start-up budget to purchase our Renault 4 GTL and parts, as well as tools and a garage space, but most important, the knowledge base, advise and expertise we need to successfully achieve the best design for our car and make it the most suited and equipped for the rally.

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Hekkelman Notarissen

Our lawyers and civil-law notaries have been working together in various fields for more than 30 years. Our lawyers are based in Nijmegen, while our civil-law notaries have their offices in Nijmegen and Arnhem. Examples of fields in which they work together are family and inheritance lawcorporate law and property law. The differences in how lawyers and civil-law notaries approach a legal issue combined with their knowledge and expertise lead to creative and often innovative solutions for our clients.

Hekkelman has helped us with the registration of the team as a organisation at the chamber of commerce.

The HAN4L project


DENSO is a global manufacturer of automotive parts. DENSO’s main goal is to enhance the lives of people worldwide by working to meet the future needs of society in four major areas of technology (Electrification, Automated Driving, Connected Driving and FA/AgTech). Also, through its business activities, DENSO aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by reaching this goal and help to achieve harmonious coexistence with the natural environment.

Also a sponsor since day one. Their financial contribution have helped this project grow.

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Maintain Design

Maintain Design is a full service agency. We help (starting) entrepreneurs with their online presence, visibility and growth. Our specialism is web design, graphic design and online marketing. We provide these services because having a good website is not enough. This is just the foundation of any successful business. To maintain and grow your success, you need a strong strategy. Our team will help you create this strategy and then take care of every necessary step to achieve your goals. Together we will make sure that you are guided from A to Z to a successful future for your business!



HUSTL was born in 2020 and is an online media platform for young entrepreneurs. Inspiring content and stories, valuable information about the start and growth of their business, and a free online community that helps them with all their questions. Their ‘Knowledge’ section is a home base for Hustlers with How-Tos about starting and growing a business, and definitions of difficult terms in the Hustler Dictionary. In addition, with ‘The Toolkit’, users can indicate their goals and access a selection of action points to achieve that goal. Hustlers also have access to a library with books, films, and podcasts to help them grow their businesses.

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Behind R-Quatre stands a small team that all share the same passion, the renault 4. With this passion a company has been created that helps and assist the big renault 4 community with workplans, manuals and parts. Trough their company and website people can order parts to get this iconic car back on the road.

R-Quatre has helped us with uptaining the neccessary parts to make our cars drive. Since day one.



LTP Import Export B.V. is one of the leading importers and suppliers of Asian – European Foods & Beverage in The Netherlands. With a wide variety of more than 2500 items,
they supply well branded and high-quality products to all wholesalers and retailers over 23 countries in Europe and Asia.

They have assisted the new team early on and made early work on the cars possible. 


Chassisparts and groot techniek

Chassisparts is born out of a passion for racing. And this passion is a family affair. From grandfather to father to sons. It started with grandfather Bert on the grass track of Limmen in 1963. His entire life he has been racing, from motorcycles to rodeo cars.

His son Ronald, owner of Chassisparts, followed the footsteps of his father and is currently a top-ranking driver in Dutch formula 1 dirt track racing. Today even the youngest kids are taking their first steps on the asphalt riding their buggies.They have assisted the new team early on and made early work on the cars possible.

Chassisparts is our main supplier for the metal parts and materials for the rollcage, roofrack and skidplates. 

The Han4L Project


CAD2M believes in technical manufacturing companies that make the difference. Our motivation is to bring out the best in all your staff and business processes. But in order to help you well, our people are also constantly developing. CAD2M’ers are resourceful and live for challenges within process and product development. Because that’s where our passion lies. We supply the best PLM, 3D design & engineering, manufacturing and 3D printing tools.

And with our manufacturing knowledge, we help technical manufacturing companies work faster and smarter.

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CAD2M – Officiële SOLIDWORKS Reseller

The Han4L Project


Chargertech was founded in January 2007 out of a love for cars and especially motor performance. When looking for parts for my own projects, I often encountered that parts were very expensive or sometimes had an extremely long delivery time. I often lacked expertise from the selling party. Something that is certainly very important within the tuning world. Chargertech started small from home with a limited range, which has been expanded over the past few years. The range is constantly being expanded, whereby the customer is always central.

With our assortment we saw that we could assist HAN4L by providing them the necessary parts for the engine monitoring system.

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The Han4L Project

Roan 4×4

We started our company out of love for the 4×4 world. From Lierenwebshop & Terrafirmshop to Roan4x4.com We noticed that the (online) need for off-road, travel, outdoor and car products was growing rapidly and we have grown with it. We are now the largest Land Rover articles supplier in the Benelux. Through our years of experience we have gained a lot of knowledge and we can give very good advice so that you can make the right choice with which product or brand suits you. We are a supplier of all imaginable Land Rover parts and accessories. We are also the largest supplier of winches in NL.

We wanted to assist the offroad humanitarian mission of HAN4L by providing them a winch that they could use to get themselfs or other teams unstuck in the desert.


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The Han4L Project

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The Han4L Project


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