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Our Cars!

The Renault 4 is a small French car built between 1961 and 1993. HAN4L is now in possession of three of these French cult vehicles. You can meet them here!

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 The first


The Renault R4 GTL the first HAN4L rally car. This R4 is a real French cult car from 1988. It was built and driven by the team during the 4L trophy rally of 2020 and 2022. The car has covered a distance of almost 10000 kilometers twice! From the Netherlands to Morocco, through the Sahara desert and back. And now it will participate in the Rally of 2023 Again.

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The hauler

F4 fourgonnette

The Renault F4 Fourgonnette is the car build for the 2022 rally. This car is from 1983 and is the most famous variant of the R4 Family. It is the typical French ‘Boulangerie’ bus. The car has been fully restored, by the team of 2022 and has drove the rally successfully together with the R4 GTL in 2022. It will participate for the second time in the Rally of 2023.

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the Future

F4 Pick-up HYbrid

With an eye on the future we started to look in too a plan to future proof the Vehicles for the rally. This is where our new Renault F4 pick-up came into place. As a project for 2022/2023 we are starting to design and build a hybrid version of our beloved rally vehicles. This to improve and make the road to a electric driveline for cars. And reduce our ecological footprint during the rally. The electric driveline is currently being tested on the HAN MORE vehicle.