How to support us

Any kind of donation will help us achieve our goal

How to support us


We welcome anything you’d like to contribute with, whether it’s a financial donation or anything related to:

  • School supplies

  • Computer supplies

  • Medical supplies

  • Sport supplies

  • Non-perishable food

We also appreciate it if you share our cause with friends and family. You can find our social media at the bottom of the page.

We are a non profit organization, so everything goes to the cause of charity and helping other people.

You can send your donations to the following address:
29 Ruitenberglaan Arnhem, GE, 6826 CC, The Netherlands

Euros donated

Crates of food collected

bags of supplies donated

How to support us

Financial donations

the link below sends you to our donation page. Every bit helps the cause! If you want you can leave your email address in the message bar of the donation page so we can thank you personally!


Money raised