4L Trophy


So what is the 4L Trophy?

The 4L Trophy Rally™ represents an educational and humanitarian adventure for students aged 18 to 28 years. In this rally about 1500 crews of duos enrol with their Renault 4L and embark on a journey from Biarritz, France to Marrakech, Morocco. They take upon the task of transporting with them school supplies, furniture, clothing, toys, medical, computational and sports equipment for children in remote communities from the Errachidia Province located in the Moroccan desert.


Enfants du désert & Red Cross

By working together greater things can be achieved, the 4L Trophy is associated with two non-profit French associations, both of which focus on voluntary humanitarian aid and welfare in different sectors and jointly support the main cause of this rally: human wellbeing for those who need it the most.

ENFANTS DU DÉSERT is an organisation committed to encourage the access to education for children from southern Morocco, as well as health and overall life improvement for them. How do they do it? By being the link between the rally teams and the desert children and distributing the 30 tons worth of school, computer, sports, and health equipment.


The red cross

Financial donations not only help make education accessible to everyone, but also create more opportunities! This is why we are very excited to participate in a rally where we don’t only learn and experience, but actually contribute towards improving lives in communities in need.

Euros donated

Classrooms built

Children that profited from material donations

Development projects


Collaboration with the 4L

10KG of non perishable food per crew, this is what each and everyone of the 1200 crew will bring along on the 4L and drop them off at Biarritz.

so.. 10KG x 1200 = 12.000 meals served!